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WWW Launch Date: 08 August 1994
This page last updated: 04 June 2024

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BoDD is an electronic re-incarnation of BOTANICAL DERMATOLOGY by John Mitchell & Arthur Rook, which was originally published in 1979 by Greengrass Ltd, Vancouver [ISBN 0-88978-047-1]. This updated on-line version is made available to you with the kind permission of the original authors. The original edition has been digitised by Google Books and by the Internet Archive.

Although BoDD is actively being updated, updates are uploaded to the website only at about monthly intervals. A vast body of information collected by the Editor (Richard J. Schmidt PhD) awaits addition to the database. Users should be aware that some of the information that is currently accessible is neither accurate nor up-to-date. None of the information presented in BoDD should be regarded as a recommendation to treat any disease or disorder.

You may view the text and image files but you may not systematically download the database, nor reproduce the html code, text or images for profit or gain without express permission from the copyright holder. Educational users should make proper acknowledgement of the source of any information derived from BoDD.

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